DCP Naturals

by Sarah Ford

DCP Naturals Image

Cyndy Pollentier of DCP Naturals started her home based business to make natural and nontoxic products after doing years of research on commercially made synthetic ingredients. Her first products were soy wax melts and candles, lotions, perfume, lip balm and bug spray. Cyndy started making organic coconut milk soap “out of necessity” after her husband Dave would get dry and cracked hands and fingers. They tried everything, including natural soaps, but nothing seemed to help. One day while grocery shopping, she happened to see coconut milk and wondered if she could make a soap out of it. “I wanted to make a good quality soap, using as many organic ingredients as possible. I used the best oils I could find that were not only pure, but had healing properties. And I wanted essential oils to use for the fragrance. After much trial and error, I made the coconut milk soap. And we were amazedhis cracked and bleeding fingers healed after a few days of using the soap. I know I had something special,” Cyndy said of the origins of her organic specialty.

After her discovery, she started making the soaps with a few different scents and it just “grew from there.” She realized how family and friends loved the moisturizing properties of the soap and decided to incorporate it into her business. “I introduced the soap at our local farmers market in East Moline in 2016, and as customers tried the soap, they couldn’t get enough,” she stated. “We now sell the soap at the East Moline, Moline and Port Byron Farmers’ Markets. We also sell at a variety of craft fairs including the Antique Working Farm Show and Country Tyme craft show.” Soap scents include honey and oatmeal, sage, 60’s love child, and lavender. She also offers fragrance free for those who prefer unscented.

Cyndy has also expanded her product line to include muscle rubs, lotions, and sunscreen, as well as her homemade jewelry such as Mississippi River rock pendants and guitar pick earrings. Cyndy said one of her favorite places to sell is the Port Byron Farmers’ Market. “It may not be a huge market, but the people that come are amazing. The vendors and customers are more like family. We all support each other, which makes selling a joy. We have met so many wonderful people who sell and who buy. Many thinks to those who support the market, and to those who organize it. Come on down!””